• Current Projects


    •  Character skin designer(MTX), 11th Hour Games(Last Epoch) (Concept Art covered by NDA)
    • Illustrator for the Skonk of Tawk Valley Series (Children's Book, Due to be Released in November) published with Socciones.
    • Illustrator for Ascension Guy Series(Covered by NDA)

    CONTACT: Keeganblazey@gmail.com


  • Services

    Intro Art, Illustration, Cover Art, Concept Art, Book Illustration

    image done for Last Epoch, Acolyte Intro Art

    Intro Art For Fantasy Games $350+-

    Intro still images for character/story intros


    6 thumbnails -BnW

    3 Colour Variants

    Final Draft

    3 Revisions

    PSD with layers organized and ready for animating.

    Book Illustration $1000+-

    Please contact me with the full details of the book and we can work out a custom quote just for you

    You Will Get:

    Front and Back Cover design + Text(Title Subtitles)

    You get Per inner Illustration:
    Thumbnail Phase
    Colour Draft
    Final Draft

    3 Revisions/changes

    Deadline per illustration will depend on Project



    Character Concept Art $320 +-


    Weapons, armour, characters/enemies, environments.

    For armour Skins: initial page of concepts in black and white,

    1 finished Render in colour, front back, side views and any call outs that are necessary. This includes, chest piece, Head slot, backslot, pauldrons, gloves, boots, belt+leg slot. No weapons included with armour skins.


    All other types of concept art can be negotiated on a job per job basis


    Cover Art $350+-

    Books, Magazines, Albums, Posters, Splash Art

    I will design a cover for your publications!

    (paypal: keeganblazey1@gmail.com)

    You Get:

    2-3 black and white thumbnails


    3 Revisions

    Full Colour 300dpi.

    1 Figure, Background.

    14 Day Delivery

    Source File

    Full copyrights

    1 Final Image.



    Illustration $250+-

    Send me a message and we can work out what you need, all images are print ready.

    You will get:


    Full Colour

    High Rez

    figure and props

    7+- Day Delivery

    3 Revisions

    3 Thumbnails(black and white)

    Full Commercial Rights


    Portraits $150

    Would you like a portrait of a loved one? Birthday Present? Wedding Gift?

    You Will Get:

    Portrait with simple background with the likeness of the subject


    3 Revisions/changes

    I will require a photograph or two of the subject




    please contact for quotes

    Peak District

    United Kingdom
  • About

    Me as a Person and my Art Background

    I love to paint. I love it even more when I can get paid to do what I love. I'm committed to getting better and better. I have just finished a 365 day artist challenge and I am currently consolidating my portfolio and choosing a solid direction for my art career. Above all I would like to contribute meaningfully to society and so try to choose projects that have some sort of philanthropic aim. My interests span across multiple fields such as philosophy, science, meditation and mindfulness, martial arts and of course story telling, game playing and lastly Permaculture.

    Background and future direction:

    I have a four year BTECH in Fine Art which I acquired after much sweat and tears in South Africa Port Elizabeth. I started off investigating Surrealism and the realm of dreams in my work. I've been self employed as an artist, gardener or English Teacher for most my working career.


    I now live in Wales and am very much trying to find an ethical, interesting and imaginative way of living that doesn't involve a conventional job. Over the past year or two I have been shifting my Art skills towards Concept Art and illustration with the goal of being employable as a freelancer. I've explored ideas with regards to sustainability and educational games with the hopes of finding a meaningful way to contribute to the world using my skills.



  • ascensionguy111 5 Star Review

    Keegan exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. His communication was excellent and he takes pride in his work. He is so talented and is very good at capturing the vision and energy of what I wanted. He’s extremely honest and open minded. He is very accommodating and he is full of amazing ideas, especially considering before we started I had no idea what I wanted, I just had a basic concept and Keegan ran with it. I will definitely be using Keegan again in the near future. Thank you so much I couldn’t be happier.

    Corey Helton(Youtini) 5 Star review

    An absolute joy to work with. The communication was thorough, timely, and professional and the final product was fantastic as well. Highly recommended.

    My journey as a Debut Writer.

    Working with Keegan Blazey my Illustrator was wonderful !!
    As he made the process such a joyful and thoroughly easy experience.
    I was given numerous choices regarding Thumbnails.
    And granted true generosity and patience by him.
    His level of dedication and passion to our project was a beauty all on its own !!
    It was an exciting and thought provoking time.
    And one when we finally signed off on the new book.
    The only thing I asked of him was :
    Great !! Now can we repeat it again with the 2nd Book ...
    Sara Di Sorrenti
    The Skonk Of Tawk Valley
    And His Wondrous Adventures.

    learnerclinic 5 Star Review

    Keegan is open to feedback and is willing to change his ideas when he is wrong. Even though he had to be pressed to get the quality we wanted, he was still very generous with his time and patient with extra changes I am very much impressed with his work and will recommend him to anyone who wants nothing but the best. He has exceeded expectations. Link to Project

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