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    I offer bespoke Concept Art, Cover Art and Illustration. I am a 2d Freelance Visual Developer.

    Concept Art $150+-


    I will work with you to develop an Environment, Character, or Vehicle for your Game. The final images will be used as reference for a 3d artist to take it into the modeling phase or as general inspiration for your team.

    Thumbnails Phase

    Colour Draft

    Final Image


    Add Extra:

    Revision: $15

    Source File: $15


    Cover Art $150 +-

    Books, Magazines, Albums, Posters

    I will design a cover for your publications!

    (paypal: keeganblazey1@gmail.com)

    You Get:

    3 Revisions

    Full Colour 300dpi.

    1 Figure, Background.

    7+- Day Delivery

    Source File

    Full copyrights

    1 Final Image.


    Add Extra:

    Revision: $15

    Figure: $20

    Source File: $15

    Illustration $150+-

    Send me a message and we can work out what you need, all images are print ready.

    You will get:


    Full Colour

    High Rez

    figure and props

    7+- Day Delivery

    3 Revisions

    3 Thumbnails(black and white)

    Full Commercial Rights


    Add Extra:

    Revision: $15

    Figure: $20

    Source File: $15



    If you need a size other than A3, send me an email and I will give you a quote.

    A3 Size: $25
    Royal Mail: £6.60
    If outside EU, postage will be determined per order.



    please contact me for quotes by email

    United Kingdom
  • About

    Me as a Person and my Art Background

    Most of my Clients I have worked with are on Fiverr.com. I am passionate about what I do and it's more than a job for me, you can expect 150% commitment. I'm very flexible with changes and revisions and I have never missed a deadline. Having said that, I'm easy to work with and hopefully the process can be a fun and collaborative one!


    At the moment I mainly do illustration and various commissions based on what clients need. The above portfolio is a combination of personal work and client work. I love making fantasy/Sci Fi environments and atmospheric paintings. Some of my other interests include, Lucid Dreaming, Mindfulness and Martial Arts, when I have time I also like to write stories and novels casually. I feel that the imagination is a very powerful tool for bringing about positive change in the world. I hope that my art can reflect a tiny fraction of my meaning here.



    Background and future direction:



    I have a four year BTECH in Fine Art which I acquired after much sweat and tears in South Africa Port Elizabeth. I started off investigating Surrealism and the realm of dreams in my work. I've been self employed as an artist, gardener or English Teacher for most my working career.


    I now live in Wales and am very much trying to find an ethical, interesting and imaginative way of living that doesn't involve a conventional job. Over the past year or two I have been shifting my Art skills towards Concept Art with the goal of eventually becoming a Game Developer. My hope is that through mastering my Concept Art skills, I will be able to effectively market and create a new range of ethical games that bring attention to environmental, political and consciousness issues that we face as a species. I am also a Permaculture Designer and work in that field from time to time.


    Have a look at my blog if you want to see some of my written work.



  • alexarizpe  5 Star Review

    always love working with Keegan. communicates often and effectively, and gives nothing but the best to his customers. if you’re not purchasing art from him you shouldn’t be purchasing anything at all.

    Corey Helton(Youtini) 5 Star review

    An absolute joy to work with. The communication was thorough, timely, and professional and the final product was fantastic as well. Highly recommended.

    Love how Keeganblazey keeps the user engaged throughout the order

    learnerclinic 5 Star Review

    Keegan is open to feedback and is willing to change his ideas when he is wrong. Even though he had to be pressed to get the quality we wanted, he was still very generous with his time and patient with extra changes I am very much impressed with his work and will recommend him to anyone who wants nothing but the best. He has exceeded expectations(https://www.facebook.com/notes/gogo-emoeles-join-our-pre-launch-campaign-for-emoeles-self-learning-tool/join-our-pre-launch-campaign-for-emoeles-innovative-self-learning-tool-profits-b/403396860086569/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDNBpwdc8Qs_ztIYYz9WwHCWYArJTSSWsg092C9p5r8AddH8GyVFVCf7tsJ96N-kXV4ZEWNLFHAOAL6JN-x3kOsK4tpuWZhjDyJxaUm6mKbxIz_itzyJoq5QW0JyErPzWHdkEmcu94xDi5MLOmmrNZlPX-27mz2rsl6LJEf1Gl9f0XoXOztmFk&__tn__=-UK-R)

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  • Permaculture Game Dev

    A small project I'm working on

    Coop/Competitive Board Game Survival Adventure

    Survival adventure board game with an ecological twist. Players compete or cooperate to survive the winter in a post Global Warming ravaged world. Explore the world to find the items you need to craft your way to survival. 5 unique player classes and a simulated weather system to keep you on your toes as you trudge through a derelict countryside 200 years in the future. Will you help or hinder your fellow beings?